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“Who am I?” and “What am I doing here?” are the two basic questions in philosophy.
Everyone has the answer, but not many give you a practical way to sift through all the philosophical mumbo jumbo that philosophers like to spout and debate. So I took it upon myself to do that. Don’t get me wrong, just ask any of my deep friends, I love that stuff, but at the end of the day – what works?

Here are my thoughts.
1.Who am I?
This is easy, but as with all philosophy the truth can hurt.
Here is the answer.
What do you do for most of your time? You are that. If you are a want-to-be actor that is waiting tables, you are a waiter. You might also be acting in local community theatre, but you are a waiter. Live the truth and then you can be free to choose what you want to be.
The good news!
You can choose at any time to be whatever you want. Just create the life you want and enroll others to support you in that. Just be honest, cause if you waiver in the new lifestyle, others will stop believing in you, and at the end of the day… you are only what others (not you) think you are. A successful ______, or a failure.
   If that waiter wants to be an actor, he only needs to tell others I want to stop waiting and be a working actor, please help me, and be willing to prove his talents at any time. If he hasn’t got skills yet, then that is the start.  I am a working entertainer only because people think I am. Starting with me, then my agent, the casting directors, directors, producers that pay me … it is a collective agreement only. Once you get this concept, you can be anything. I am creating myself as a great philosopher that gained his insights through the arts, instead of physics or other sciences. Remember philosophy started as a speaking art, and the sciences grew out of it.

2.What am I doing here?
Once again it is really easy, with that harsh reality hit. You are doing whatever it is that you do the most. No big secret. Just look at your life and realize what you have chosen to do. Yes, it is a choice, you can change at any time. Millions have, and do daily.
Just look at any famous person and you see one clear distinction: they worked on the thing they were famous for. Put in the time, and the rewards will come.
So what do you want to do on this planet?
Now go do it.

The third thing…
    3. What will I leave behind?
It is up to you, what you leave will be a product of who you were on a daily basis, and what you did with it (#1 & 2).
Please Read my Legacy, on the Legacy page for my own point of view.

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