Seán Kinney is an international award-winning filmmaker who started out as a physical comic.  He has been called “the Charlie Chaplin for the 21st Century.”  
His awards cover almost every facet of the industry including: Director, Producer, Writer(Screen & Play), Editor, Actor, Comic, Composer, Viral Video Creator, VFX Producer/Artist, Online Promo Creator, with over 700 Projects that have won over 47 Awards, 81 Laurels, and counting... click HERE for Resume and Reels! 
Seán is highly sought after as a consultant Film Fixer & Ghost Writer, in the entertainment industry helping productions of every type. Has taught his style and method at many universities and still lectures routinely. His specialities are comedic stunts, silent comedy, and creative ideas for adding humor and brevity to all types of media, branding, advertising, and even opera.  He has worked just about all the major studios including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Warner Brothers, Touchstone, MGM, Dreamworks, NBC, CBS, ESPN, Hollywood Pictures, ABC, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, ESPN, Miramax, Film Roman, History Channel, Disney’s Classics, Discovery Channel, Starz, FOX Family, ABC Sports, Disney Technical Services, the Game Show Network, Disney Creative, and many, many other independent studios and production companies.
Seán is actively pursuing his life long goal of bringing the vaudeville style back to the silver screen, and can still be seen performing in clubs, film, TV, and even at Walt Disney Concert Hall.
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